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The Lviv library has opened an exhibition of photo books that has traveled around the world

The Mystetsky Library has opened an exhibition of photo books from the short list of the international Dummy Award competition for 2023.

This exhibition has already been shown at photo festivals and fairs, at museums and in galleries in over 20 places around the world: Tokyo, Dublin, Ankara, Paris, Berlin, London, Cologne, New Delhi, Istanbul, Kyoto, Rome, etc. Lviv became the remaining part of the light tour of the photo exhibition Dummy Award 2023.

Dummy Award is an international competition for the best unpublished photo book layout for the artist who, since 2010, will take the fate of photography from all over the world. During this period, more than a thousand photobook layouts were published all over the world; Hundreds of books that made it to the short list were presented at international exhibitions at various photo booths, festivals and exhibition squares.

10 participants from Ukraine applied for the competition. Three photo books from Ukrainians made it to the short list of the Dummy Award 2023: “Photography Firmly Enters the Everyday” by Annie Pilip’yuk and Volodymyr Shipotilnikov, “100 days of war” by Igor Chekachkov and “Loss” by Katerina Motilova. Two out of three books have come to the end of five successes – the work of Annie Pilipyuk and Volodymyr Shipotilnikov and the work of Igor Chekachkov.

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All 50 books from a short list, including interchangeable books, can be viewed on display at the Mystetsky Library (Shota Rustaveli St., 8) until the 18th week from 11:30 to 20:00 today, ending on Monday. The entrance is free.

The exhibition is organized in partnership with the Kassel Fotobook Festival and ist publishing, which highlights innovative and creative practices in the field of photobooks.

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