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In Lviv, the administrative commission, which is considering violations of monument protection legislation, has resumed its work

After a long break, the administrative commission at the executive committee of the Lviv City Council, which is considering violating the legislation on the protection of historical heritage, resumed its work.

At the first meeting since the war, they considered, in particular, the issue of unauthorized work in architectural monuments – a house on the street. Kotlyarevskoho, 47 and in a non-residential premises on the street. Copernicus, 11.

Apartment owner on the street. Kotlyarevskoho, 47, is ready to prepare design and estimate documentation to bring the house to its original appearance. Unauthorized work on the redevelopment of the premises on the street. Copernicus, 11 suspended. The owner approves the necessary documentation. In both cases, each of the violators was fined UAH 1,700.

Natalia Alekseeva, the manager of the executive committee of the Lviv City Council, spoke about these cases in more detail: These works are unauthorized – so the mayor’s office appealed to the court to eliminate the violation. The case was considered by the administrative commission. The violator did not come to the meeting, but he was acquainted with the protocol of the Department of Historical Heritage Protection and signed it. The owner had signed a security agreement earlier, but did not comply with it. The person is ready to make design and estimate documentation to bring the house to its original appearance. But the work was carried out arbitrarily. Therefore, the violator must pay the maximum fine. Unfortunately, its size, according to current legislation, is not impressive: it is 1700 UAH. And the monument on Kotlyarevskoho, 47 will have all the necessary documents, there will be a reconstruction and the look should correspond to the historical context of the building.

Reconstruction of non-residential premises on the street. Copernicus, 11, too, was carried out arbitrarily, they say, it is urgent to drain the basement. Currently, the owner has suspended everything, is developing and approving the project. The facade of the house was not touched. She asked her colleagues from the Historical Heritage Department to make sure that no instructions on historical heritage were violated in this case, and to approach the problem comprehensively. The security contract is concluded. The protocol was drawn up instead, the violator has already paid the fine. ”

We will remind, the commission considers exclusively administrative disputes about administrative offenses within the limits of the legislation on protection of historical heritage, namely cases about administrative offenses which are provided by Art. 92 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses.

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