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A series of master classes “Kulchytska visiting Levitsky” continues at the Leopold Levitsky Museum during June. Photo

Leopold Levitsky Museum invites to a series of master classes “Kulchytska visiting Levitsky”

Prominent Ukrainian graphic artist of the XX century Leopold Levitsky lived in Lviv until 1973 and was recognized as one of the founders of graphic design and advertising. A museum and graphic works have been set up in the former house and studio of the artist.

During June, the museum staff organizes educational events for Lviv residents and guests. This is a series of master classes “Kulchytska visiting Levitsky”, which lasts throughout June.

Participants of the master classes will learn to decorate T-shirts with the help of clichés based on Leopold Levitsky’s postcards, create illustrations based on book graphics, learn the secrets of color linocut technique, skills of making napkins decorated by stamping.

Such an attraction is sure to please children, say museum workers and invite you to classes. Master classes will take place on June 16, 21, 23, 28.

Address of the Leopold Levitsky Museum: Lviv, st. Ustiyanovich, 10, apt. 1.

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