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The first Ukrainian youth space was opened in Rzeszów

This week, the first space for Ukrainian youth in Poland was opened in Rzeszów. The initiative to create such a space belongs to the Youth Council at LOVA and the Department of Youth and Sports of Lviv OVA.

The Polish side responded and supported this idea, and as a result, this week the first meeting with Ukrainian youth took place in Rzeszów, during which the participants got to know each other and worked out a common vision for the development of the youth space.

“Actually, it is very important to maintain contact with Ukrainian youth, that’s why the creation of the Ukrainian Center in Poland was the No. 1 thing that the whole team worked on. We made every effort to consolidate our young generation, at the same time, we will try to remind that Ukraine remembers them and is waiting for them at home, because it needs each of their personal contributions to development. Therefore, I call on Ukrainian youth to join the activities of our center, let’s go together with Ukraine in our hearts,” said the head of the Youth Council at Lviv OVA Bohdan Talatura.

Now Ukrainian youth will have a separate office that they can use for meetings for free. There, every young Ukrainian will be able to spend time, meet friends and organize various events.

“The Department of Youth and Sports of the Lviv Regional State Administration has set an ambitious goal for 2023, so that in each of the Polish towns there will be a center where young people from Ukraine will feel at home,” said the head of the department, Roman Khim’yak.

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