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An exhibition of the famous artist Serhiy Laushkin opens in the Drohobych Contemporary Art Gallery

Art has a phenomenal ability to support and energize people to accomplish things, to change their consciousness and creative vision.

The Gallery of Contemporary Art of the Drohobych Children’s Art School hosted the opening of a solo exhibition of Ukrainian artist, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Serhii Laushkin. The artist’s canvases are united in an exhibition entitled “The Way of Light”.

Sixty paintings and twenty sculptures are exhibited in the halls of the Gallery. The exhibition opened this weekend.

When you look at Sergei Laushkin’s paintings, you immerse yourself in meditative contemplation – the artist has created a kind of message, and everyone can decipher it for themselves. You just need to stop at each canvas, look into its depths and listen to your own images that appear, to the feelings and impressions that appear in your heart,” said the artist Oksana Shevchenko during the opening.

Among the invited guests, the exhibition was also attended by the artist’s friends from Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, and Drohobych. Many pleasant words of gratitude for his work and support were expressed that day by the people with whom Mr. Serhii met during his creative life.

Svitlana Povshyk, head of the Ivano-Frankivsk regional organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Andriy Fedoseenko, head of the Red Horse art and restoration association, Orest Zaborskyi, Ivano-Frankivsk artist, Volodymyr Ivanyshyn, artist, lecturer at the Lviv National Academy of Arts, and Bohdan Brynskyi, painter, long-time participant in the Diversity of Cultures plein air in Drohobych, also expressed their admiration for Serhiy Laushkin’s work.

The exhibition will last until May 20, so everyone will have the opportunity to see the unique paintings of the master, which are full of warmth and deep meaning.


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