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An exhibition of Easter eggs is on display in the historical department of the Drohobychchyna Museum

The spirit of Easter and the creative atmosphere of preparation for the majestic holiday – this is the mood of the Easter eggs exhibition presented in the history department of the Drohobychyna Museum.

The exhibition “Pysanky Easter” presents the best works made by students of the Faculty of Primary Education and Art of the Pedagogical University as part of the discipline “Methods of Teaching Technological Education in Primary School”.

The exhibition features nearly 250 colorful Easter eggs created by students using various techniques. Each Easter egg has its own original style and pattern. Based on the four most famous varieties of traditional egg decoration, such as “pysanka”, “krasanka”, “driapanka”, and “krapanka”, the students, under the guidance of their spiritual and scientific mentor Ruslana Danyliak, modified and modernized each type of Easter egg, creating their own. The exhibition features Easter eggs made of beads and straw, decorated with quilling, origami, decoupage, ribbon, and embroidery.

This weekend, distinguished guests came to admire the original Easter eggs made by students of Drohobych State Pedagogical University: Dean of the Faculty of Primary Education and Art of DSPU Ivan Kutniak, Head of the Department of Pedagogy Iryna Sadova, teachers, Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary School Ruslana Danyliak, Drohobych residents and many students.

The event was moderated by Maria Holovkevych, a senior researcher at the Department of History.

According to her, historically, the pysanka is an iconic symbol of Ukraine and one of the oldest forms of Ukrainian folk art. It is a symbol of Easter, eternal life, resurrection and rebirth. According to ethnographers, the genetic code of the Ukrainian nation is embedded in the pysanka. Therefore, it is not surprising that Soviet anti-religious propaganda, which systematically destroyed Ukrainian identity, nearly destroyed this unique form of the spiritual heritage of the Ukrainian people.

Nowadays, museums, including the Drohobychyna Museum, churches, higher education institutions, as well as craftsmen and artisans who cherish Ukrainian folk traditions play a significant role in preserving and restoring Easter eggs.

The exhibition of Easter eggs was complemented by creative performances by bandura player Oksana Roman, a teacher at Drohobych Music School #2 named after Roman Soroka, and young poetry reciter Angelina Marchyshyn, a student at Ivan Franko Lyceum #1.

The exhibition of students’ works “Easter Eggs” will last until May 30.

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