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Restoration of the Shukhevych Museum: a working group has arrived at the site of the destroyed building

The Shukhevych Museum in Bilohirsk, which was destroyed during the military shelling, hosted an offsite meeting of a working group set up to resolve all issues surrounding the museum’s restoration.

The working group consists of historians, architects, representatives of the city council, city deputies, and Roman Shukhevych’s daughter Maria Tryliovska.

Members of the working group went to the site to inspect the destroyed building and talked to the museum staff about the exhibits that had been preserved. They also discussed how to preserve the building, part of which survived the Russian attack. We also toured the area around the museum, which in the future will become a single complex of the new Roman Shukhevych recreational and memorial space.

At the meeting, the museum staff spoke about the surviving exhibits, including a bust of Shukhevych, a piano, and a historic staircase that had been found under the rubble. During the debris removal, they also managed to collect 52 pallets of surviving bricks, which can later be used in the restoration of the museum.

We have already written that 13 teams will work on the idea of restoring the Shukhevych Museum.

Anton Kolomeytsev, chief architect of Lviv, stressed the importance of accessibility of the restored museum building for people with limited mobility.

“This is a mandatory point that must be ensured. Because now the width of the door is not suitable for a wheelchair to pass through. On the porch, the wheelchair has to turn around, but here, according to the standards, it will not be possible. We will have to work with this.

The museum also had a second floor with a hiding place. All this has to be recreated. We have to understand that a wheelchair has to get there after the museum is rebuilt. Therefore, we must ensure accessibility to the second floor. How this volume will be formed is a big challenge and a delicate issue. It all needs to be done in accordance with the requirements of state building codes, which have modern approaches to expositions,” said Anton Kolomeitsev.

The chief architect also reminded the participants of the terms of the architectural competition for the improvement of the public space near the museum and the restoration of the lake. In addition, during the offsite meeting, they discussed the installation of engineering networks and stressed the need to equip a shelter.

At the next plenary meeting of the session, the Lviv City Council is preparing documents to assign the land plot to the building’s balance sheet holder.

As a reminder, on 1 January 2024, Russian chessmen hit two national memory sites in Lviv: the University of Dubliany, where Stepan Bandera studied 100 years ago, and the Roman Shukhevych Museum in Bilohirsh. This museum was set up in the house where the UPA commander-in-chief fought his last battle.

On 27 February, the All-Ukrainian open architectural competition for the restoration of the museum was announced in Lviv. 13 teams of architects have registered to participate in the competition. Projects will be accepted until 3 June.

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