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Andriy Sadovy told how Lviv prepares for winter during the war

The mayor of Lviv emphasized that today it is not possible to say with certainty that an attack by Belarusian troops will not take place. Therefore, the city must already prepare for winter in wartime and think over an algorithm of actions in the event of a lack of heating or electricity.

“Before February 24, intelligence agencies of Western countries spoke of a critically high threat of an attack. At that time, in Ukraine, many people said that this was unreal. Many thanks to our military, who clearly did their job and prepared the Armed Forces as much as possible for the attack. The same thing is happening now – the military is just doing its job. And our task is to do our job well.

I have already told you that when the rockets hit three of our substations, we then turned on the emergency power supply to the pumping stations. We started working on it half a year before the war. In this way, we proved to be ready, and the water supply in the city was promptly restored. In the same way, now we have to prepare for extreme moments. Recently, Nino Katamadze, a famous singer and public figure, came to Lviv, and she said that when Russia attacked Georgia, they lived without heat and light for half a year, they survived. Therefore, today we are working out all the possibilities for the city system to function under the most critical conditions – this applies to medicine, social protection, and city management. As well as alternative options for heating people. If there are relevant instructions or orders, they will have to be followed,” said Andriy Sadovy during a live broadcast on his Facebook page.

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