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51-year-old bagman from Stryyshchyna sentenced to 15 years of pardon for domestic and sexual violence

For the prosecution of the public accusation of the Stryisky district prosecutor’s office of the 51st district of the city of Stryyshchyna, the father-in-law (art. 126-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), as well as the sexual violence of the hundredth squad of the nephew, 4. 6 article 153 of the CC of Ukraine).

Yogo was sentenced to 15 years of free will.

The prosecutors in the court brought that from the beginning of 2019 to the serpen 2020 of the date of convictions, regularly causing causeless conflicts from the team and father-in-law, for an hour they portrayed the victims, threatening them with physical violence, belittling the human honor of that year, heading the systematic training of the psychologist of the physical.

Okrim tsgogo, litigation during the period from the fall of the leaves of 2019 to the earth of 2020, threatening the physical punishment of repeated sexual violence.
Under the hour of looking at the criminal prosecution of the court of accusations, I did not find out my guilt in the criminal offenses charged against you.

After gaining legal force, the data about the accused will be entered into the Unified Register of Faults, Convicted for Malice against State Freedom and State Necessity of Minority.

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