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At the initiative of prosecutors in Stryi region, the state will return a plot of forest land to the forest fund

The court upheld the claim of the Stryi District Prosecutor’s Office of Lviv Region to return a forest land plot to state ownership;

The land in question is a forestry plot with a total area of almost 4 hectares. It is located on the territory of Mykolaiv territorial community in Lviv region.

Prosecutors established that the above land was in permanent use of one of the specialised state-owned forestry enterprises.

However, the state authority, contrary to the law, leased the disputed plot to a business entity, thus illegally withdrawing it from the forest fund.

The prosecutor’s office filed a claim to return the land plot, as the right to use the land was acquired in violation of land legislation.

The court agreed with the prosecutor’s arguments and satisfied the claim in full.


After the court decision enters into force, the prosecutor’s office will take measures to enforce it immediately.

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