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Lviv Region Receives Over UAH 23 Million to Compensate for Accommodation Costs for IDPs Department of Finance

Most of the funds will be transferred to the accounts of Lviv, Radekhiv, Buska, Drohobych, Chervonohrad, Morshyn, Turka and Shehyne communities.

More than UAH 23 million from the state budget reserve fund was allocated to Lviv region to compensate for the costs of municipal institutions that have sheltered IDPs.

Oleh Demkiv, Director of the Finance Department of the regional military administration, said: “The allocated funds were sent to local budgets to cover the costs of utilities consumed by institutions that accommodated internally displaced persons free of charge in October-December 2023. Out of the total amount of the subsidy received, UAH 9.1 million, or 39.6%, was compensated to regional institutions.

As for the territorial communities, most of the funds will be transferred to the accounts of Lviv (UAH 4.8 million), Radekhiv (UAH 1.5 million), Buska (UAH 1.1 million), Drohobych (UAH 0.9 million), Chervonohrad (UAH 0.7 million), Morshyn (UAH 0.7 million), Turka (UAH 0.6 million) and Shehyne (UAH 0.5 million) communities.”

In order to reimburse additional costs for energy and utilities consumed, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, by its Resolution No. 261 of March 11, 2022, provided for the possibility of receiving compensation to communities hosting temporarily displaced persons.

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