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The World of Professions educational project for young people with disabilities continues in Lviv region

The Rozdil Children’s Orphanage launched a project to engage young people in active social life.

Children from the Rozdil Children’s Orphanage, who are young people with disabilities, get to know different professions and try themselves in them. This time, they practised the professions of a house painter and a hotelier. This opportunity was provided by one of the project partners, the Lviv Vocational College of Hotel, Tourism and Restaurant Services;

“Our boys particularly enjoyed the visit to the college. First of all, because they were offered a very interesting programme. With the help of students and specialists, they baked cakes, cooked dishes, learnt how to set tables properly, prepare a hotel room for guests, and meet visitors to a hotel or restaurant. In other words, they learnt the basic skills that hospitality industry workers should have,” said Oleksandra Yanovych, chairman of the institution’s board of trustees;

The World of Professions project was launched at the Rozdil Children’s Orphanage to engage young people with disabilities in active social life, to show them different areas of human activity so that they can more easily adapt to the real world outside the orphanage.

The project involves a series of field trips and workshops. In small groups (up to 5 people), the boys will visit various institutions, educational establishments and enterprises of various forms of ownership.

As part of the project, the boys have already visited the Eighth Administrative Court of Appeal. In the future, they will also visit SVARGA garment production, Ekran window systems, Pidhirtsi Manor recreation and restaurant complex, Lviv Theological Seminary of the Holy Spirit of the UGCC, and Hetman P. Sahaidachnyi Army Academy.

The project will last until 2024, so the list of places to be visited by the children will grow.

“We will fully support this initiative of the Rozdil Social Institution. After all, this project not only contributes to the development of the boys’ professional skills, but also has a great impact on their personal development, social adaptation and their future. And, of course, it gives positive emotions and boosts self-esteem, which is also very important,” said Tatyana Krut, Deputy Director of the Social Protection Department of the Lviv Regional Military Administration.

By the way, there are currently 86 children in the institution. These are children and young people with disabilities. Some of them moved to Lviv region because of the war. In particular, 16 boys were in institutions of the corresponding profile in Zaporizhzhia region.

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