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Mortgage reduction programme for servicemen and veterans launched in Lviv region

The relevant cooperation agreement was signed today, 8 February, between Lviv Regional State Administration and the largest banks participating in the state programme “eHouse” – Oschadbank, PrivatBank and Ukrgasbank.

The programme of interest rate compensation for mortgage loans to certain categories of citizens in Lviv region was adopted to reduce the cost of housing loans taken under the state programme “eHouse” for

contract servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine, the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, the National Guard, the State Border Guard Service, the State Protection and State Special Communications Service, the State Special Transport Service, and the State Emergency Service;

employees of the Judicial Protection Service;

police officers and their family members.

These categories will now be able to obtain mortgage loans from banks without interest.

The interest rate for war veterans and their families, combatants, persons with war-related disabilities, families of deceased war veterans, and deceased defenders of Ukraine was reduced to 4% per annum.

To receive additional compensation under the regional programme, you need to:

Step 1. Fill out an application in the Diia app for an eOselya mortgage and receive confirmation.

Step 2. Choose one of the partner banks: Oschadbank, PrivatBank, Ukrgasbank.

Step 3. Choose a residential property in any settlement of Lviv region.

Step 4. Sign an agreement with the selected bank and attach an application for additional interest compensation from the regional budget.

In 2024, UAH 15 million was allocated from the regional budget to finance the programme.

The programme participant must have a registered place of residence in the Lviv region.

“We are grateful to our servicemen, security forces and veterans for their unquestioning dedication and courage in defending our country. The introduction of the mortgage lending programme for our heroes is another important step towards recognising their contribution,” said Stepan Kuibida, Director of the Economic Policy Department of Lviv Regional State Administration.

“We believe that this programme will be an incentive for servicemen to choose our region as a place of residence, where they will be properly recognised and supported. We want to provide our heroes not only with words of gratitude, but also with concrete opportunities for their comfortable life,” added Stepan Kuibida.

According to the representatives of the partner banks, the demand for mortgage loans is quite high. According to Ihor Romaniv, Head of the Lviv Regional Department of Oschadbank JSC, Oschadbank supports the initiative to implement this programme. “The high activity and interest in participating in the eHouse programme demonstrates the need for such initiatives for our defenders. Since the launch of the state programme in the region, servicemen have submitted about 2,000 applications for participation, which is 50% of all applications. “Interest-free mortgages are a unique opportunity for these categories of people to get access to housing without additional financial costs. Our bank is confident that this programme will help create financial comfort for military families and will also become an incentive for their social and economic development,” adds Igor Romanov.

“Our defenders who participate in the eHouse programme can actually get a loan at 0. 4% interest rate compensated in accordance with Resolution 856. The cooperation agreement we signed today gives us the opportunity to compensate another 3%. It remains to find housing that meets the criteria of the programme.

To receive compensation, you must submit an application and documents confirming the category. The client receives a monthly reimbursement as long as he or she belongs to this category,” said Andriy Yakymiv, Director of the Western Macro-Regional Department of PrivatBank JSC.

As a reminder, in October 2022, the President of Ukraine initiated the implementation of the state programme of affordable mortgages “eOselya”. The programme provides loans for the purchase of housing for certain categories of citizens at a favourable interest rate.

Since the launch of the programme, 367 loans worth UAH 614 million have been issued to residents of Lviv region (3rd place in the regional ranking), including 197 loans to servicemen of the Armed Forces and security forces, 58 to teachers, 27 to doctors, 9 to academics, 2 to internally displaced persons and 74 to other categories of citizens.

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