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A veteran opened a volunteer car service in Lviv and repairs cars for the Armed Forces

Stanislav Lisovyi, who volunteered for the army from the first days of the full-scale invasion, after being wounded opened a volunteer car service in Lviv and is engaged in the repair and maintenance of cars for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Lviv City Council helped the veteran with a room for a workshop, and later provided the man with voucher support for almost 300,000 hryvnias.

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, Stanislav Lisovy joined the army as a volunteer. The man joined the ranks of the 73rd Center of Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On April 21, he and his brothers came under rocket fire in Zaporizhzhia. Stanislav received a shrapnel wound, his internal organs were damaged: after passing through the liver and kidney, the fragment got stuck in the spine. Doctors predicted paralysis of the defender’s right leg. However, after a year of rehabilitation, the functionality of the limb was restored.

When he regained his strength, Stanislav began to look for cars to transfer to the front. At the same time, there was a need to repair cars.

“We encountered low-quality and unscrupulous repairs at other services, i.e. cars were given to us untimely and repairs were done in a sloppy manner. Therefore, the idea arose that it is necessary to repair the car yourself in a high-quality and fast manner.

The city helped us with the premises and we had a long process of paperwork and repairs. We opened our service in August this year. Now we have three people working all the time. We also attract volunteers and those who are ready to help for free in various processes.

Now to say that it is a business is too loud. Of course, we plan to launch a commercial line on our service as well, because the service must be self-sufficient and provide for itself financially, but for now we are only engaged in servicing cars for the Armed Forces,” says Stanislav Lisovy.

15 cars have already been repaired at the veteran car service. There is only 1 hoist and one mechanic in the workshop, so the volumes are small. However, cars are not only serviced but also painted here. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, more than 300 cars have been painted.

In order to expand the car service, Stanislav Lisovy applied for a voucher support program for veterans from the Lviv City Council. The man received almost 300 thousand hryvnias for the development of his business.

“Now we are engaged in the purchase of equipment and processing of all documents. We want to purchase an additional lift and specific equipment for car diagnostics and repair.

Although the voucher from the Lviv City Council is not large, in our case we will be able to use this money to install another lift to increase the load capacity and then we will have an additional place for car repair – we will be able to hire another mechanic. This is quite a significant contribution to our cause.

In the future, we plan to benefit the city, be self-sufficient and develop both financially and in terms of car maintenance,” the veteran notes.

Anyone who wants to use the service can apply at the following address: Lviv, str. Dniesterska, 16; phone: 0638317071.

“We are open to cooperation and are ready to help not only our acquaintances, because indeed many of our colleagues have remained in the service of the Armed Forces. We already had clients who simply saw us on social networks or were recommended to them by friends. So we are always ready to help,” Stanislav Lisovy emphasizes.

As a reminder, the Lviv City Council will provide 30 veterans and their wives with vouchers for the development of their own business. They provide for financial support of up to 300,000 hryvnias. A business voucher can be used to purchase equipment, raw materials, materials, components; rent of premises and means of transport necessary for the implementation of one’s business project; purchase of licensed software; training and consulting on starting and running a business.

In total, the city offers 12 different vouchers to help entrepreneurs. You can find out more about voucher assistance for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, which the city provides during martial law, at the link.

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