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Ecobus in Lviv: parking schedule in November 2023

Mobile collection points take used lamps, thermometers and batteries for disposal free of charge.

In November 2023, within the Lviv Territorial Community, mobile collection points that accept used lamps, thermometers and batteries for disposal for free will continue to operate, and there will also be additional parking lots in the city of Dublyany, village Lysynychi, village Zashkiv et al. Ryasne-Ruske.

The schedule of Ecobus parking in November 2023 and the list of stationary collection points for used batteries within the community can be found at the link: https://cutt.ly/mRBPo8n

SE “Bodnarivka” reminds that hazardous waste (undamaged) is collected free of charge from residents of the Lviv territorial community and in safe containers, in the amount:

fluorescent lamps up to 10 pcs.,
mercury thermometers – up to 5 pcs.,
batteries up to 10 kg

“A clean environment is one of the prerequisites for our future, and thanks to the ecobus, spent fluorescent lamps, mercury thermometers and batteries that contain mercury and other heavy metals will not pollute the environment,” said the Acting Director of the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Lviv Regional Government Oksana Viytyk.

Organizers of mobile collection points remind that thermometers and lamps must be handed in in factory packaging, and if it is not available, it is necessary to take care of safe packaging – make a homemade cardboard container, separately for each lamp or thermometer.


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