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Military photo exhibition “My Mariupol and the World Around” to be shown in Lviv

The Hnat Khotkevych Palace invites you to the opening of the exhibition “My Mariupol and the World Around” by Myroslav Kobylianskyi, a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The entrance is free.

The exhibition consists of 30 photographs of Mariupol as it was before the full-scale invasion: photo sketches of the city, landscapes, tourist attractions, architectural monuments that remained only in memory and in photographs.

In 2020, Myroslav Kobyliansky became interested in aerial photography and began taking pictures of the city’s landscapes. After the occupation, the author collected photos of the destroyed city in the book My Mariupol and the World Around, which was published by the Lviv publishing house Light and Shadow. Subsequently, photos from the book’s pages were exhibited in different cities of Ukraine.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on April 12 at 17:00 in the HotArtHall gallery in the Hnat Khotkevych Palace (1 Kushevycha St.). The exhibition will last until May 12.

The opening will also provide an opportunity to talk with Yevhen Tuzov, a Mariupol resident, public figure, volunteer, philanthropist, who during the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine was the organizer and manager of the largest shelter in Mariupol.

The exhibition precedes another important event – the screening of the film 20 Days in Mariupol by Mstyslav Chernov, which will take place on May 11 at the Hnat Khotkevych Palace (details about the screening will be announced later).

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