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Mr. Drogobich’s head rewarded the city’s top students with bonuses and bonuses

The initiative was made with personal bonuses and donations from the Drogobitskaya Municipality for the sake of short-term students of the initial deposits of the place, which took place in the fall after the gathering of the community’s student activists Drohobitsky Pedagogical University named after I. Frank. The young people have grown up, unfortunately, on the eve of the International Student Day, the traditional competition “Student of Rock” is being held at the walls of their alma mater. It is organized by the trade union committee and student self-government.

At the boundaries of the competition, the best and most talented students are selected from various nominations. Taras Kuchma, having shown the initiative to encourage the active youth of the city and give them, for their success in their endeavors, a victory in the local head prize competition.

Thus, the awards were divided into several nominations: “Student-athlete”, “Student-science”, “Student-media”, “Student-civil activist”, “Student-mitec”, “Student-social teacher” and a special nomination “Student “Rich peculiarity.” In each of the nominations, students were awarded a certificate of excellence and a Master’s Award.

Zokrema, bonuses were taken away:

“Scientific student” – Olena Mazur, Lydia Senkov,

“Mitec Student” – Alina Monastyrska,

“Student-social teacher” – Victoria Galin,

“Student-athlete” – Ostap Pawlak,

“Media student” – Viktoria Bura,

“Student-huge activist” – Irina Lutsiv,

“A student with a rich personality” – Anna Svitlozarova.

In addition to this, the efforts of the Drohobitskaya municipality for the sake of this meant the identification of short-term students of various initial deposits of the place – from the pedagogical university to colleges.

The ceremony was held at the session hall of Drohobitskaya Monastery for the sake of. Together from the cities, Taras Kuchma welcomed students from their holy place and encouraged them to be active in the life of the locality and the discovery of Ukraine.

I warmly greet you on International Student Day, which you celebrated on the 17th of November. Today, in a young place, student activists have a great responsibility – in their quest to create a new Ukraine, Ukraine is free and rewarding after our success. I know that the young people of our Svydom area are very creative. Therefore, I urge every one of you to reach all the initiatives that are taking place in our city, to submit your proposals for the improvement of large open spaces, parks and open spaces for young people. “We can understand the great responsibility for our place, whose development will unfold,” said Taras Kuchma.

Before the end of life, the student activists also received support from the family of the young DMR Oleksandr Pashko. With these initiatives, the local community is recruiting partners from students from various backgrounds and the community’s ranks.

Apparently, a few days ago, students from vocational schools and other primary schools of Drogobich completed the first stage of their internship at the Drogobich Municipal Council.


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