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The second week of the anti-camp for children “Other Summer” has started in Lviv region

Children and their parents are invited to the Lviv Regional Library for Children in the anti-camp “Another Summer”.

Read more about the daily schedule of events for the second week below:

June 20, 22, 24 at 10:00 and 15:00 – developmental classes “Children of Ukraine” 3-6 years; (preliminary registration by phone 0971566485)

June 20 at 11:30 – Reading room in the park 7+ years;

June 21, 23 at 15:00 – IT “Logic” 7-8 years; (preliminary registration by phone 0676543919)

June 21 15:00 – Board Games Club 7+ years;

June 21 16:00 – Art therapy for 1-6 years;

June 22 16:00 – Lecture “Identity of Ukrainians”;

June 24 12:00 – Creation of cartoons on the Animatron service (8-12 years); (preliminary registration by phone 0676543919)

June 24 13:00 – cinema “Cinema + book” (10+ years);

June 24 15:00 – “Drawn Book” (7+ years)

For some events (such as a movie theater) there will be separate posters with clarifications, and for the reading room in the park – the time may vary depending on the weather.

For events for which registration is required, the phones are listed, all others are open, admission is free!

For any other detailed information, please contact the Lviv Regional Library for Children (1 Vynnychenko Street, Lviv).

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