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In Lviv, internally displaced youth are invited to the integration project “United: Learning!”

Department of Youth Policy of the LMR together with MoloDvizh Center. Lviv is launching the United: Learning project to integrate displaced youth into the city’s rhythm of life, its culture, and to introduce interesting opportunities for young people in Lviv.

The project starts on June 6 and during the month there will be thematic meetings, lectures and various activities for young people who have found refuge in Lviv. In particular, together with experts it is planned to discuss and study such topics as:

· Interesting Ukrainian language.

· Art and culture.

· History without dates.

Anyone can join the project by pre-registering for the event.

The first week (June 6-12) of the project “United: Learning!” will be dedicated to the Ukrainian language. The following events will take place on this topic:

– June 6 at 17:00

Location – MoloDvizh Center. Lviv

Lecture topic – “The identity of the Ukrainian language”

Lecturer: Oksana Mikityuk

Registration: https://forms.gle/BoSk2ZKaDiLwcvXc6

– June 8 at 17:00

Location – The first Lviv media library

The topic of the lecture is “Slang and absinthe vocabulary in the life of Ukrainians.”

Lecturer: Iryna Shmilyk

Registration: https://forms.gle/d2D2tCJ2dJSjttKm9

– June 10 at 17:00

Location – Sensoteca

The topic of the lecture was “Dialectisms of the Ukrainian language: where, why and why?”

Lecturers: Anna Didyk-Meush and Lilia Kharchuk

Registration: https://forms.gle/sYHbng6Mgy5LkdDQA

The main communication with the participants and announcements of the next events within the project will take place in the Telegram channel “Now in Lviv” (https://t.me/naraziulvovi) under the hashtag # unite.

The project is implemented by the Youth Policy Department of the Lviv City Council and the MoloDvizh Center. Lviv, which is part of the network of youth spaces WORKS! in Lviv, with the support of the British Council in Ukraine.

Contacts of the LMR Youth Policy Department:

tel. +380 (97) 690 41 93


Contacts MoloDvizh Center. Lviv:

tel. +380 63 106 72 95



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