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Center for Employment of People with Disabilities is being renovated in Lviv

Nearly 150 volunteers have joined the renovation of the premises of the center for increasing employment opportunities for people with disabilities, which is being set up at the UNBROKEN rehabilitation center in Lviv.

The Lviv branch of the NGO “Building Ukraine Together” together with volunteers is carrying out the repairs.

Later, the renovated premises will be used as a barbershop for training and hairdressing services for UNBROKEN patients.

Download photoAccording to BUR Lviv, the third stage of repair work has already been completed in the premises of the future center. Now the walls are being repainted and an inclusive bathroom is being equipped.
“First, we dismantled and arranged communications in the room. Then we worked on the frame for the bathroom, plastering and puttying, and then finishing work. The volunteers have to finish sanding the floor, paint the walls and equip the bathroom. Next, professional craftsmen will install the doors and equipment necessary for the barbershop,” explains Anastasia Lychak, head of the Lviv branch of the NGO ‘Building Ukraine Together’.

Download photoAll in all, almost 150 volunteers were involved in the renovation work, which lasted about a month. All work in the future center is expected to be completed by Easter.
As a reminder, a training and practical center will be set up at the First Territorial Medical Association of Lviv to teach hairdressing and prosthetics to willing patients of the NESLAMNI rehabilitation center. The classes will be taught by teachers from the city’s vocational schools. The patients who acquire new skills will then be able to provide services to other patients, and after completing their treatment, start working in a new field.

The project to create a center to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities is being implemented by the Investment and Project Management Department of the Lviv City Council. The project is funded by a grant from the United Nations Development Program with financial support from the governments of Korea and Germany, with the support of UNHCR Ukraine, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Ukraine.

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