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The 95-year-old jubilee and veteran of the national liberation war was awarded the honorary award of Drohobych “For Merit to the City”

Ветеран національно-визвольних змагань Михайло Лисий зустрів свій 95-ий День народження: ювіляру вручили почесну відзнаку Дрогобича «За заслуги перед містом»

Yesterday, on January 30, Mykhailo Lysyi, a veteran of the national liberation struggle, political prisoner, and holder of the Order of Merit for the City, celebrated his 95th birthday.

Exactly 95 years ago, Mykhailo Lysyi was born into a family of workers in the village of Roliv.

This boy had to live through all the hardships of the last century. In 1943, he became an active member of the OUN youth network, participated in the Ukrainian resistance movement, was appointed a stanychnyi of his native village, actively helped the rebels, contacted the famous, legendary Mykola Pankiv – “Honta”, militia commanders “Blue”, “Mark”, “Nestor”, “Scar”, and met with “Arkas”.

In 1947, he was arrested and imprisoned for 25 years. He went through difficult trials in the camps of Siberia. In Hubas, he met his love and got married to Anna Lesyshyn, a convict and member of the OUN.

In 1966, Mykhailo and his wife returned to Drohobych. Despite all the hardships, he managed to get a job at an oil refinery.

During the period of Ukraine’s revival, he immediately joined all the activities aimed at establishing Ukraine’s independence, implementing the OUN idea “God and Ukraine are above all!”.

Today, Mykhailo Ivanovych does not stand aside from the struggle and strongly supports Ukrainian defenders and helps to bring the Victory closer.

His life is an example of boundless devotion and loyalty to the Ukrainian people.

It is worth noting that in 2019, Mykhailo Lysyi received a state award – the Order of Merit, III degree.

On the occasion of the honorable anniversary, Drohobych Mayor Taras Kuchma and Head of the Social Protection Department Ivan Terletskyi came to congratulate Mykhailo Lysyi. In addition to words of gratitude and congratulations, the officials presented Mykhailo Lysyi with the honorary award of Drohobych – “For Merits to the City” and wished him a long life.


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