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Charity event to be held in Dublin to support soldiers during celebration of Dublin City Day

Dublyane is 584 years old: a charity event to support soldiers will be held in the city on Sunday

The city of Dubliany is 584 years old since its first historical mention. To mark the occasion, the community is preparing for a big volunteer event with a football match, a charity fair and an auction. The event will take place on Sunday, 12 May.
“The city has survived two world wars, and recently, Russian missile attacks. However, it celebrates its important birthday with the belief in victory,” said the Lviv City Council’s Department of Administration and Community Development.
All the money raised during the event will be used for the needs of the 65th Brigade’s repair and restoration battalion, which includes three soldiers from Dubliany.

Event programme:

15:00 – gala academy (Summer Theatre, 5 Studentska St.);

15:45 – Volunteer auction and concert programme with the participation of Dubliany and invited groups (Summer Theatre, 5 Studencheskaya St.);

17:00 – football match FC Dubliany vs FC Sokil (Borshchovychi) (stadium of the Dubliany Support Lyceum named after the Hero of Ukraine Anatoliy Zhalovaha, 21 Shevchenko St.).

The Department of Administration and Community Development of the Lviv City Council prepared interesting facts about one of the oldest settlements of the Lviv hromada:

  • The first written mention of Dubliany dates back to 1440.
  • The name of the settlement comes from the Slavic tribe Dubliany, who lived in oak forests.
  • The symbol of the hromada, which is recorded on its seals, is the “Eye of Providence”. The modern coat of arms of the city combines this symbol with the image of two oaks.
  • Dublin is considered the centre of agricultural science and agricultural education in western Ukraine. It is home to one of Ukraine’s oldest higher education institutions in agriculture, the Lviv National University of Environmental Management. At the beginning of the year, it was damaged by Russian missiles. Neighbouring houses and the hospital were also damaged. All the damaged windows have now been repaired, and reconstruction is underway in the university’s central building.
  • Stepan Bandera, the ideologist of the Ukrainian nationalist movement, once studied at the Dublianske Agrarian University. His figure is immortalised in a monument in front of the university.
  • The community was home to the famous Ukrainian conductor Stepan Turchak. A children’s art school in Dubliany was named in his honour.
  • Today, brothers Petro and Bohdan Novak live in the hromada, craftsmen who continue the Ukrainian tradition of making Christmas stars in their native land.

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