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Charity gastronomic dinner in Lviv raises over UAH 5 million for the Armed Forces

A large charity gastronomic dinner was held in Lviv, where we managed to raise over UAH 5 million for our defenders.

This was reported by the head of the Lviv Regional Military District Administration, Maksym Kozytskyi.


The dinner was presented by 16 top chefs from Ukraine, Sakartvelo and Azerbaijan. The dinner also included an auction that raised UAH 5 million and almost UAH 101 thousand.

All funds will be distributed equally among ten military brigades and air defence forces:

  • 24th King Daniel Brigade;
  • The 80th separate airborne assault brigade of the Air Assault Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  • 95th Airborne Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  • The International Legion (a unit of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine);
  • Omega Special Forces Centre of the NGU;
  • Paragon Company (a division of the GUR);
  • The 36th Separate Marine Brigade named after Rear Admiral Mykhailo Bilynskyi;
  • 28th Brigade named after the Knights of the Winter Campaign;
  • The 103rd separate territorial defence brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  • 416th separate company of strike aircraft complexes of the TRO Forces;
  • Air defence forces (to the command and control points of the CAS).

It was an incredible gastro-evening and we are grateful to all the participants who remembered the main goal – to donate. And we want to note that this ideological and atmospheric event was the result of 4 months of titanic organisational work.

“I would like to thank the Ukrainian Culinary Association headed by Andriy Magaletsky and everyone involved for making the 14th charity gastronomic dinner in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine a success. The most important thanks go to those in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We have everything we have thanks to you,” said the head of the region.

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