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In Drohobych, the Centre of Social Services organised another art therapy session for community children

These days, employees of the psychological service of the Drohobych City Centre for Social Services held an art therapy meeting for children of the Drohobych community aged 6 to 9 years old on the topic “The Story of a Fairy Tale Hero”.

Under the guidance of a psychologist, the children plunged into the world of fairy tales and fantasies. Thus, all those present had the opportunity to create their own favourite character and the fairy-tale world around him.

At this meeting, the children were inspired by the magical world of fairy tales and fantasies, where each story brought joy and inspiration, chose their favourite characters and created their own unique world filled with adventures and miracles.

In addition, the children expressed their feelings and emotions through drawings, stories and creative tasks, developing their imagination and expressive language.

The children also got to know each other, made new friends and enjoyed exciting adventures in a fairy-tale world.

Such events certainly help children forget about certain problems, distract them from the sad realities of war and help them fill their lives with positive emotions and smiles,” the Centre of Social Services assures.

New art therapy classes are already waiting for the children of the community, which will be additionally informed.

If you need additional information, please contact: 70 Lesi Ukrainky St., Drohobych, Ukraine, telephone: 0 (98) 679 70 22.

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