An 8-year-old boy who was on the brink of life a year ago competes in ballroom dancing – Lviv doctors operated on him

A boy who was on the verge of life and death a year ago now competes in ballroom dancing

8-year-old Romchyk Oleksiv, after more than a year of treatment, is already participating in competitions. The boy is constantly working with a physical therapist at the UNBROKEN KIDS Children’s Rehabilitation Center and is making a lot of efforts to develop his burned hands.

During the rocket attack on Vinnytsia on July 14, 2022, Romchyk lost his mother, and he himself received severe burns – 45% of his body surface. Lviv doctors were not sure that the boy would live to be transported abroad. But he managed.

Already in treatment in Germany, when the threat to life passed, the father of the little patient did not know if his son would ever walk. And now, more than a year after the tragedy, Romchyk returned to Ukraine and participates in ballroom dancing competitions.

In Lviv, the boy goes to school and to the section again. And his rehabilitation continues where his life was taken last summer – at the St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital, where the UNBROKEN KIDS Children’s Rehabilitation Center operates. The boy dreams of returning to playing the bayan and playing a concert for his doctors.

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