Free endoprosthesis is available for residents of Lviv Oblast and displaced persons

It is conducted on the basis of the Vynnykivskyi Hospital.

Ukrainians who need endoprosthesis can receive this medical service free of charge. The state program provides such an opportunity for them.

Therefore, the state purchases endoprostheses and distributes them among regions.

“Every year, the state allocates over UAH 140 million for the purchase of endoprostheses, and more than 13.5 thousand Ukrainians received free endoprosthetics this year. The state buys free endoprostheses, and then they are distributed to the regions,” said the acting deputy head. Nataliya Litvinska, director of the LOVA health care department.

In the Lviv Region, the base institution for free endoprosthetics is the Lviv Regional Hospital of War Veterans and Repressed People named after Yuri Lypa. This is where surgical intervention kits come in.

As the state purchases instruments for other health care facilities, the list of facilities that will provide endoprosthetics for free will expand.

Endoprosthetics have been performed at the Vynnykivskyi Hospital for more than 30 years, more than 300 endoprostheses are performed annually.

“Since 1993, more than 5,000 such operations have been performed. At the moment, we have 305 endoprostheses remaining, and for next year we also ordered 100 more from the state budget. We have all the tools and specialists for endoprosthetics,” said the general director of the Lviv Regional Hospital for War Veterans and Repressed People named after Yu. Lypa. Maxim Prykupenko.

You can contact a medical facility with a referral from a family doctor.

Every Ukrainian can receive assistance under the state program, regardless of the place of registration. However, as noted in the Department of Health, if any endoprosthesis is not enough, it will be financed by the regional program. In this case, only residents of the region and displaced persons who are registered here can receive assistance.

This week, the health care department of the Lviv Oblast started a campaign to inform residents of the region about the possibility of free endoprosthetics.

“Every Ukrainian has the opportunity to undergo endoprosthesis at the expense of the state budget. In the event that a person wants to get prosthetics with another type of prostheses at his own expense, there is no mechanism for such reimbursement in the state,” Nataliya Litvinska added.

“It is important that residents of the Lviv region understand that there is a possibility of free endoprosthesis, to get rid of myths that these joints are of poor quality, because such information also comes from unscrupulous colleagues, and that they understand where it is possible to carry out such endoprosthetics today,” she added Natalia Litvinska.


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