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Mobbing in labor relations: how to resist it and what is dangerous about it

Mobbing (harassment) is a systematic (repeated) long-term intentional action or inaction of the employer, individual employees or a group of employees of the labor collective aimed at humiliating the honor and dignity of the employee, his/her business reputation, including with the aim of acquiring change or termination of labor rights and obligations, manifested in the form of psychological and/or economic pressure, including through the use of electronic communications, creating a tense, hostile, offensive atmosphere towards an employee, including one that makes him or her underestimate his or her professional suitability.

Discrimination is a direct violation of human rights and freedoms, a social phenomenon that, due to certain stereotypes and prejudices, encourages people to treat some people less favorably than other people in a similar situation. Mobbing can be considered a form of discrimination that manifests itself as psychological terror on the part of a group or a member of a group towards another person.

Forms of psychological and economic pressure include, in particular

– Creating a tense, hostile, offensive atmosphere towards an employee (threats, ridicule, slander, disparaging remarks, threatening, intimidating, humiliating behavior and other ways of bringing an employee out of psychological balance)

– unreasonable negative separation of an employee from the team or isolation of an employee (non-invitation to meetings and conferences in which the employee, in accordance with local regulations and organizational and administrative acts, must participate, obstruction of the employee’s performance of his/her job function, preventing the employee from entering the workplace, transferring the workplace to places unsuitable for this type of work);

– unequal opportunities for training and career development;

– unequal pay for work of equal value performed by employees of equal qualifications;

– unjustified deprivation of an employee of a part of payments (bonuses, bonuses and other incentives);

– unreasonable uneven distribution of workload and tasks by the employer among employees with the same qualifications and labor productivity performing equivalent work.

Attention: Mobbing (harassment) is prohibited. Persons who believe that they have been subjected to mobbing have the right to file a complaint with the central executive body that implements state policy in the field of supervision and control over compliance with labor legislation or with the court.


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