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16 dancers of the People’s Ensemble of Ballroom Dance “Velvet” received the title of Candidates of Master of Sports

Їх відзначили під час «Зимового балу»

We were impressed with skill, grace and high professionalism – these days the traditional final “Winter Ball” of the dancers of the “Velvet” ballroom dance ensemble took place.

In the spacious hall of the People’s House, for several hours, the people of Oksamy were amazed by the masterful performance of dance compositions for the season. All numbers of “Velvet” were generously rewarded by applause and shouts of “Bravo”.

The guest of honor at the celebration was the mayor of Drohobych, Taras Kuchma. The head of the community thanked the head of “Velvet” Lesya Kalichak and all the ballers for glorifying their hometown at numerous contests, competitions and dance performances. Therefore, Taras Kuchma presented the manager of “Velvet” with a certificate from the Drohobych City Council for an active public position, a high level of dancing skills and systematic popularization of Drohobych at All-Ukrainian festivals and competitions.

In addition, Taras Kuchma fulfilled a pleasant mission and presented the certificates of candidates for masters of sports to the 16th ball players of “Velvet”. The whole thing is that this year individual dancers of “Velvet” participated in the official Cup of Ukraine for sports dances and won first place at the prestigious competition. A large-scale dance tournament took place in the city of Leva. Several dozen dance ensembles from different corners and regions of Ukraine volunteered to participate in the competition. Each of them impressed with their skill, production of numbers and costumes. As a result of the competition, “Velvet” won first place in the nomination – “Formeyshin” (ensemble). The participants of “Velvet” received a cup and a diploma, which testify to the victory of the Drohobytsk dance group. Also, 16 dancers were awarded the title of candidates for master of sports.

To the applause of the audience, Taras Kuchma presented the dancers with certificates and wished them further victories and achievements in dance competitions.


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