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A commemorative event to mark the 10th anniversary of the shootings on the Maidan during the Revolution of Dignity was held in the Drohobychchyna Museum

On 20 February, Ukraine commemorates the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred. It was on these days, 10 years ago, during the Revolution of Dignity, that the confrontation between the Ukrainian people and the then ruling regime reached its peak.

The events of that day were the culmination of the Revolution of Dignity. A very high price had to be paid for the non-return to the post-Soviet model of relations between the government and society and the establishment of Ukraine’s development as a democratic European country – hundreds of human lives.

Yesterday, on 19 February, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Maidan shootings during the Revolution of Dignity, the Drohobych Knights of the Heavenly Hundred event was held in Kotermak.

The commemorative event took place in the exhibition hall of the History Department of the Drohobychchyna Museum, which has a permanent exhibition entitled “Warriors of Dignity and Freedom”. The exhibition features trophies from the Revolution of Dignity won by our countrymen. The evening was organised and moderated by Maria Holovkevych, a senior researcher at the museum’s history department.

The participants were blessed by Auxiliary Bishop Hryhoriy Komar of the Sambir-Drohobych Eparchy of the UGCC. The participants prayed for the souls of the fallen heroes of the Revolution of Dignity and for a speedy end to the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The mayor of Drohobych, Taras Kuchma, who was an active participant in the Maidan, shared his memories of the events of that time.

“Today, each of us has once again lived through this heroic stage of our history: from formation to defence of our honour and dignity. So we should be proud and not cry, because not every nation brings up so many courageous sons who are ready to give their lives for each other. We should be happy that God gives us the strength to resist evil with our heads up, with light in our hearts and with faith in our victory,” said Taras Kuchma.

On behalf of the relatives of the brave defenders of Drohobych who gave their lives on the Maidan – Bohdan Vaida, Oleh Ushnevych, and Yosyp Shyling – Oleh’s brother Roman spoke.

In addition, Maria Stetsyk, Associate Professor, Candidate of Philology at the Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University of Drohobych, and a member of the Drohobych City Council, presented a book exhibition “Maidan in Words”, which included more than fifty books she had collected about the events of the Revolution of Dignity and the feat of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes.

Students of Ivan Franko Lyceum No. 1 were also invited to the microphone: Olena Pavliuk, who recited a poem written by the Hero Oleh Ushnevych; and Anastasia Kryka, who performed a patriotic song.

As a memento of the event, the attendees received a booklet “Drohobych Knights of the Heavenly Hundred”, prepared specifically for the 10th anniversary of the commemoration of the Heavenly Hundred.


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