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Children from families of military personnel and IDPs are invited to a theatre training in Drohobych

As part of the work of mutual support groups for children, including military personnel and internally displaced persons, we invite children aged 9-14 to attend the theatre workshop “My First Step into the World of Theatre”.

During the workshop, all participants will be able to unleash their creative potential and plunge into the magical world of theatre. At the same time, children will have the opportunity to explore their creativity, improvise and learn to be confident in front of the audience.

When: 22 February, 15:00.

Where: – People’s House, 2nd floor, “Franko’s Room”

Groups of all comers are already being formed. The number of places is limited.
To apply, please call 067 72 93 295 or send an application to the following address:
70, Lesia Ukrainka Str., Drohobych.

The event is organised by the psychological service of the Drohobych City Centre for Social Services in partnership with a psychologist from the Charitable Foundation PREMIER URGENCE INTERNATIONAL (CF PUI).


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