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Drohobych Tourist Information Centre presented its work in Kyiv and Ternopil

At the invitation of the Kyiv Department of Tourism and Promotion, and with the participation of representatives of the State Agency for Tourism Development, the Tourist Information Centre of Drohobych, and its director Iryna Markiv, had a working meeting with colleagues.

The head of the TIC presented the achievements of the tourist centre to her colleagues from the Department of Tourism and Promotion of the capital, and shared the latest achievements in tourism and successful cases in the development of the city’s tourism industry.

According to Iryna Markiv, the TIC of Drohobych and the TIC of Kyiv have reached an agreement to promote two tourist locations of Kotermak in the capital. This will be an additional advertisement for Drohobych and an opportunity to attract as many tourists from different parts of Ukraine as possible. We are also preparing tourist handouts that will be placed in the Kyiv TIC.

In addition, as part of the Ternopil Tourism Forum – “Ternopil Region Impresses” – the Drohobych TIC also presented its work and thus gave the green light to the promotion of tourist locations in Drohobych and the community. Iryna Markiv emphasises that for the city’s tourism industry to develop successfully and to be able to implement a number of interesting projects, a symbiosis of cooperation between the authorities, business and the community is very important. Fortunately, such cooperation exists in the Drohobych community. That is why we have been able to implement many useful projects, including the city’s Street Museum, new tourist routes, selfie points of Drohobych, etc.


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