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The Lviv Museum of the History of Religion exhibits the exhibition project “The World Through the Eyes of the Special”

These are the works of the pupils of the educational and creative workshop for children and young people with special needs, which operates under the Space Without Limits NGO. The paintings are available for purchase.

The exhibition features more than 20 paintings made with acrylic paints on canvas. The children created the works during art therapy sessions led by Anna Reva, who helps young artists “express” their emotional needs that have accumulated since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

“These paintings reveal a unique world without limits, where everyone, despite their differences, is talented, smart, unique… I want to approach each painting, look inside and try to understand what the child wanted to tell us. They inspire us to see beauty and strength in diversity, and emphasize the importance of understanding children with autism in our society,” said Iryna Havryliuk, Director of the Department for Culture, Nationalities and Religions.

The proceeds will be used to provide rehabilitation and support for adaptive programs that help these children cope with the traumatic effects of war.

“We want to raise funds for a summer camp for unaccompanied children. This way they will have the opportunity to improve their self-care skills, and their parents will be able to relax. “It was very important for me to teach the children to sew, cook and make dishes. Our goal is for children to be able to do the activities they like, to develop and be a part of society,” said Anna Reva, head of the NGO “Space Without Limits” and organizer of the exhibition.

View the paintings online here LIST OF PICTURES

You can visit the exhibition and purchase paintings at the following addresses: Lviv Museum of the History of Religion, 1 Museumna Square, Lviv. It will last until May 10.

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