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A series of master classes based on the creation of traditional Easter eggs starts in Lviv at the Khotkevich Palace

The pysankar workshop is turning around at the Khotkevich Palace! This spring season there will be 4 master classes for the holidays based on the creation of traditional Easter eggs from different regions of Ukraine.

The first workshop on the topic “Pysanka-Speckled Pysanka” will be held this week, 7th quarter, at 14:00.

What is a speckled pysanka? This is a national tradition of painting Easter eggs using additional markings or wax visorunks. Using this technique you can create unique Easter eggs, which are a symbol of the spring holiday of the Holy Day in Ukraine.

On the bottom of the Easter eggs are painted with professional painters and assorted barnacles. All materials are prepared by the organizers (your option includes writing 2 Easter eggs with a unique design)

The workshop is suitable for children aged 6 to 14 years.

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