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In the “Drohobychchyna” Museum, elementary school students created Easter masterpieces

Every year, on the eve of Easter, the “Drohobychchyna” Museum organizes thematic master classes for the youngest visitors.

So, these days, students of the first grades of the Ivan Franko Lyceum No. 1 (teacher Maryana Hryshko) visited the creative laboratory of the museum.

Nataliya Moroz, a researcher at the Department of European Art, was the first to tell the children about the Easter traditions of our region and helped create holiday decorations for schoolchildren. Children decorated wreaths cut out of felt and velvet foamiran with bright flowers, satin ribbons and eggshells. The students plunged into the exciting application process and received positive emotions, which they now need so much.

At the end, the children looked at the antique furniture, dishes, weapons and family portraits of Count Karol Liantskoronski, who collected a collection of masterpieces that is impressive in its wealth and is considered the third largest in Austria-Hungary and the largest in Galicia.

A visit to the museum left pleasant memories for the children, and the handmade Easter decor will certainly add to the pre-holiday mood of schoolchildren and adults.

Photos by Ihor Fetsyak


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