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Sokal hosted a master class on painting Easter eggs for IDPs

A free Easter egg making workshop for IDPs was organized in Sokal. The event lasted about three hours. It was attended by over 20 IDPs and local residents.

This is not the first such event organized by the Caritas Sokal Charitable Foundation on the eve of Easter.

“Such events bring people together and have an emotional, relaxing and unloading effect, which is extremely necessary for IDPs,” said Mariana Yaremchuk, deputy head of Caritas-Sokal.

At the master class, each participant received a full set of tools and materials needed to create Easter eggs.

For three hours, the visitors concentrated and listened attentively to the artists, Sokal Easter egg makers Olha Nazar Rovetska and Iryna Mandryk, and managed to create amazing Easter eggs.

Carefully applying wax with a pysachok and painting them, the participants of the master class created real works of art.

The event ended with a treat of sweets, during which they shared their impressions of the fascinating patterns on the Easter eggs.

We thank everyone involved for organizing the workshop. Let’s keep our traditions alive, because they are our strength.

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