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In Lviv region, a driver caused an accident and fled the scene

The driver, who had been deprived of his driving license, caused an accident and fled the scene. Patrol policemen found him

The other day, around 11 p.m., we received a report of an accident on the Kovel-Zhovkva highway.

Arriving at the scene, patrol policemen found a Mazda 6, whose driver had failed to take into account the road situation, failed to choose a safe speed and lost control, as a result of which he hit a road post and damaged road signs.

The vehicle was stopped by a tree. The driver was not at the scene. The patrol policemen took all the necessary materials and handed them over to the traffic accident investigation department.

After taking the necessary measures, the inspectors of the department identified and tracked down the offender. As it turned out, the 31-year-old driver was deprived of the right to drive vehicles.

The police issued a resolution under Part 4 of Art. 126 (Driving a vehicle while deprived of the right), as well as protocols under Art. 124 (Violation of the traffic rules that led to an accident) and Art. 122-4 (Leaving the scene of an accident) of the CAO.

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