Кримінальні події

Organised group to be tried for supplying drugs to colony in Drohobych

Under the procedural supervision of prosecutors of the Lviv Region Prosecutor’s Office, the pre-trial investigation was completed and an indictment was submitted to the court against five members of the organised group. They are charged with illegal acquisition, transportation, storage and sale of narcotic drugs (Part 3 of Article 307 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

The investigation established that in Drohobych, the defendants organised a trafficking route for the supply and sale of buprenorphine among drug addicts in a prison.

To do this, three members of the organised group who were at large supplied the “goods” to the organiser and another convict in prison. They delivered the drugs by throwing them across the guarded perimeter of the colony.

Approximately 30 drug-containing pills were delivered every week. The cost of one was approximately UAH 1600.

A criminal scheme was exposed during the transfer of another consignment to a prison.

As a result of the searches, the law enforcement officers found and seized drugs, cash, bank cards, mobile phones, draft records and other material evidence.

The men who delivered the banned substance to the prison are in custody.

The pre-trial investigation was carried out by investigators of the Main Department of the National Police in Lviv region, with operational support provided by the Strategic Investigations Department in Lviv region of the State Investigation Department of the National Police of Ukraine.


Note: Pursuant to Article 62 of the Constitution of Ukraine, a person is presumed innocent of committing a crime and shall not be subjected to criminal punishment until his or her guilt is proved by law and established by a court verdict of guilty.

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