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Four people were hospitalized in Lviv due to carbon monoxide poisoning

Last night, a carbon monoxide poisoning occurred in Lviv, injuring four people.

This was reported by the Department of Emergency Situations, Civil Protection and Territorial Defense of the Lviv City Council.

Thus, two women aged 25 and 47, a 46-year-old man and a 3-year-old girl were poisoned by carbon monoxide in an apartment on Skisna Street (Frankivsk district). The victims were taken to hospitals in moderate condition.

The emergency crew of Gas Distribution Networks of Ukraine LLC cut off the gas supply to the apartment. Experts are establishing the circumstances of the incident.

In total, since the beginning of 2024, 24 cases of carbon monoxide poisoning have been recorded in the city, which affected 63 people, including 22 children. The reasons for these poisonings were non-compliance with the rules for using gas appliances in the home, and drafts through sealed windows and electric hoods.

Experts once again emphasize that the main requirement for avoiding disaster is the inflow of fresh air into the room where there are heating devices – through a window, door and ventilation duct, which must be constantly cleaned and have adequate draft to allow exhaust gases to escape into the atmosphere. Where appliances are installed with combustion products discharged into a chimney, such as gas boilers or columns, this chimney must also be clean. Under no circumstances should there be electric fans in such rooms. If one of these rules is not observed, carbon monoxide begins to form in the room.

REMEMBER. Carbon monoxide is explosive, and the slightest violation of the rules can lead to tragedy – explosion, fire, destruction, and poisoning. In all accidents related to the use of gas (explosion, fire, poisoning), you should call one of the city services: ambulance – 103, fire – 101, gas – 104, police – 102. Any of these services will notify the others, and they will arrive at the scene.

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