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The deputy director of the “Lvivspetskomuntrans” LKP was transporting evaders abroad: he was detained by the SBU

Oleksandr Bednarskyi received 10,000 dollars of illegal profit

This is reported by Lviv-media sources.

Oleksandr Bednarskyi, the deputy director of the Lviv communal enterprise “transport firm Lvivspetskomuntrans”, was detained on Wednesday, April 17, after he received $10,000 for organizing a channel for two citizens of Ukraine to travel abroad. LVIV.MEDIA learned about this from its own sources in law enforcement agencies.

According to sources, Oleksandr Bednarskyi demanded 15,000 dollars from each of the two men (a total of 30,000 dollars). On April 17, he received an advance for his services, after which he was detained. It is also known that earlier an official of the Lviv utility company already received 8 thousand dollars from another citizen of Ukraine. For this amount, Bednarsky had to prepare documents that would allow the petitioner to go abroad.

Previously, the detainee’s actions were classified as the organization of illegal transportation of persons across the state border of Ukraine for selfish reasons. Liability under this article of the criminal code is from seven to nine years of imprisonment.

It is known from open sources that Oleksandr Bednarskyi has held a managerial position in “Spetskomuntrans” since at least September 2016. He was also a member of the city commission for alternative (non-military) service. LKP “TF Lvivspetskomuntrans” is the only communal enterprise in Lviv that provides services for the removal of solid household waste and liquid sewage from the city.

We will remind you that on March 19, 2024, law enforcement officers detained Oleg Khandin, the head of the cultural heritage protection department of the historical environment protection department of the Lviv City Council, for a bribe.

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