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Who do immigrants work in Lviv Oblast?

During the 140 days of the full-scale invasion of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine, 2.7 thousand internally displaced persons turned to the basic employment centers and branches of the Lviv Center for Employment Assistance. More than a third of them – 964 people – received services at the Lviv City Employment Center, 206 people – at the Chervonograd city branch of the Labor and Employment Center, and 174 people – at the Drohobytsk Employment Center.

As of July 13, 2022, 1,034 unemployed IDPs continue to seek work through the employment service, of which 73% are women. In terms of professional groups, 58.3% of the immigrants are dominated by employees (legislators, senior civil servants, managers, managers, professionals, specialists, technical employees). Representatives of working professions make up 33.3% (employees of trade and services, operators and assemblers of equipment and machines, skilled workers with tools). The rest – 8.4% – people with the simplest professions or without a profession.

Since the full-scale invasion of Russian troops on Ukrainian land, specialists of the regional employment service managed to employ 497 forcibly displaced persons. Most of them (30%) found work at enterprises of the processing industry, almost 20% – at wholesale and retail trade establishments. Some were lucky enough to join work in the transport sector (almost 7%), 5.5% were employed by profession in health care institutions, the same number – at enterprises supplying electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning, another 5% worked in agro-industry complexes, the rest – in other sectors of the economy.

The analysis showed that mainly forcibly displaced persons in Lviv Oblast work as sellers of food and non-food goods, cashiers, seamstresses, drivers of vehicles, engineers, cooks, bartenders, security guards, nurses, auxiliary workers, cleaners of industrial and service premises, etc.

In our region, as well as in other regions of the country, the government initiative continues to be implemented, which provides for providing employers with compensation for labor costs for employing forcibly displaced persons. As of July 13, 2022, 314 economic entities used this program, which provided employment to 693 IDPs. UAH 39.3 million was transferred to employers’ accounts.

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Lviv Regional Employment Center

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