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Lvivavtodor reduced prices for parking tickets

According to Lvivavtodor, during the martial law the company significantly reduced the prices for parking tickets. For some the cost has decreased by 50%

“Due to the large number of IDPs in Lviv who are forced to come in their cars, the problem of parking and payment for these services is exacerbated, we have reduced the prices for season tickets for individuals during martial law. For those who buy them now, the price will remain unchanged until the end of the subscription period, “Lvivavtodor said.

Thus, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual season tickets, in accordance with the delimitation of parking zones, fell in price by 25-50%. For example, a monthly pass in a closed parking area (Valova Street, Vernissage) will now cost UAH 4,200 instead of UAH 7,900, a quarterly pass in UAH 9,100 instead of UAH 20,800, and a half-year subscription in UAH 17,000 instead of UAH 35,600. A one-month season ticket in the first parking zone will now cost UAH 2,500 instead of UAH 3,700, a quarterly one UAH 6,000 instead of UAH 9,700, and a half-year subscription UAH 11,350 instead of UAH 16,600.

New tariffs for parking on the sites of Lvivavtodor:

4 parking zones open:

1 month – UAH 650,
3 months – UAH 1,500,
6 months – UAH 2,800.

3 parking zones open:

1 month – UAH 1,300,
3 months – UAH 3,000,
6 months – UAH 5,700.

Open 2 parking areas:

1 month – UAH 1,900
3 months – UAH 4,500,
6 months – UAH 8,500.

1 parking area is open:

1 month – UAH 2,500,
3 months – UAH 6,000,
6 months – UAH 11,350.

Closed parking area:

1 month – UAH 4,200,
3 months – UAH 9,100,
6 months – UAH 17,000.

You can buy a season ticket for parking on the sites of Lvivavtodor in the following ways:

through the free mobile parking application “UNIP”;

through the “hot line” of the parking department of Lvivavtodor, by calling 0932889334 to enter into an agreement.

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