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Lviv and Great Britain plan to implement joint investment projects

Mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy met with Christopher Allan, director of the Department of Eastern Europe and Central Asia of the British Foreign Ministry. During the meeting, the possibilities of cooperation in various directions were discussed. Afterwards, the guest visited the UNBROKEN National Rehabilitation Center in Lviv.

First, Andriy Sadovy spoke about the UNBROKEN ecosystem, where people from all over Ukraine who have suffered from Russian aggression are treated and rehabilitated, as well as about the UNBROKEN Cities initiative – a union of cities from all over the world to support and develop rehabilitation in Ukraine.

Christopher Allan expressed his admiration for the UNBROKEN ecosystem and inquired about the current economic situation in Lviv.

Andriy Sadovy noted that thanks to properly organized processes, the city has a good economic situation and many enterprises work here even in two shifts. The city also pays a lot of attention to the industrial park for small and medium-sized businesses, various cultural and medical projects. In particular, the knopka startup in city hospitals, which aims to simplify the call of doctors to patients who need urgent care, was the most extreme.

“Your work is to support people and support the military. These are the right accents, and we will help you with that,” said Christopher Allan. And he added that he is ready to assist Lviv in attracting British investments.

The guest also inquired about Lviv’s cooperation with various Ukrainian cities. The mayor of Lviv said that almost every day the city receives delegations from both foreign and Ukrainian cities, with whom it shares experience and has high-quality cooperation.

By the way, the British government previously financed the development of the concept of industrial parks in Lviv. It is about the “Formation Lviv” industrial park in the “Sygnivka” industrial zone. More than 150,000 square meters will be built here. production premises, will attract up to 50 small and medium-sized businesses, as well as up to 10 large manufacturing enterprises. In general, thousands of new jobs are planned to be created.

It should be noted that since May 2023, Christopher Allan holds the position of Director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development of Great Britain.

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