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Almost 390 people with disabilities are looking for an employer in Lviv region

In the first quarter of this year, 896 people with disabilities, including 785 unemployed, used the intermediary services of the regional employment service to find a job.

In January-March of this year, 165 clients with disabilities were employed at the referral of the Employment Service, 81 people were involved in vocational training, retraining and advanced training, and another 675 people in this category were covered by career guidance services.

As of April 1, 2024, 392 unemployed people with disabilities needed employment assistance. Of these, 50.0% (196 people) were women, 14.3% (56 people) were young people, and 40.6% (159 people) were rural residents.

Last year, the Group introduced a program to compensate employers for the costs of arranging workplaces for people with disabilities of groups 1 and 11. Its goal is to increase the interest of firms and companies in hiring people with disabilities, as well as to enable people with limited fitness to return to work and socialize.

According to the government initiative, an employer who has hired a person with a first or second group of disability and has arranged a workplace to meet their needs may receive monetary compensation in an amount not exceeding UAH 106,500 for persons with group I disabilities and up to UAH 71,000 for arranging workplaces for people with group II disabilities.

The actual costs of purchasing furniture, handrails and bars, cursor positioning aids and tactile computer displays, Braille keyboards for portable devices, lifting platforms for workplaces, etc. are reimbursed.

In the Lviv region, 5 employers used this program: three individual entrepreneurs and two limited liability companies: “Modrychi Medical Rehabilitation Center and KRAFT INVEST SERVICE.

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