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Lviv students develop social business: registration for the project

Registration for the Lviv School Social Enterprises project is underway in the city. Teams of students who have an idea for developing a social enterprise in educational institutions are invited to join. You can apply until 13:00. March 22.

Schools must have a team and an idea for a social enterprise, it can even be several teams and ideas. The team must also have a mentor, i.e. a teacher who is ready to actively work with students. After registration, the teams will be selected and the training will begin on April 8.

The competition is open to general secondary education institutions of the I-III levels of the Lviv city territorial community that have an established team of 6-8 participants aged 13 to 15. A total of 24 teams from schools in the Lviv community will be selected to participate in the project.

The team must be ready to undergo 7 trainings, form a business model and business plan, implement a business idea after winning, and become mentors for the next team in a year, which will continue the activities of the school social enterprise.

The goal of the project is to develop soft skills in schoolchildren that will help them choose the right vector in their adult lives, as well as to educate young entrepreneurs to strengthen the Ukrainian economy in the future and create conditions for self-realization of young people in Ukraine.

“We have conducted trainings for 20 schools in Lviv on what social entrepreneurship is and realized that our students are very interested in the idea of introducing school social entrepreneurship. Some schools already have three business ideas. For example, students are planning to make handmade goods, grow microgreens, engage in eco-recycling or 3D printing,” says Anna Chuba, project manager.

Upon completion of the training, 10 winning teams will be selected to receive

mentoring support from practitioners during the project implementation
grants to set up a social enterprise on the basis of the school;
participation in forums and fairs;
support from the Western Ukrainian Social Enterprise Cluster after the project is completed;
and most importantly, experience in doing business.

“School entrepreneurship develops 85% of children’s soft skills. Therefore, for our children to be successful, to rebuild our country and contribute to its economic development, we need to develop school entrepreneurship. And our children can be self-realized, successful, and independent at the age of 18,” says Anna Chuba, project coordinator.

Those wishing to participate in the project should apply here.

Registration is open until 13:00. March 22, 2024. The selection will be made on a competitive basis.

The project is being implemented by the Western Ukrainian Cluster of Social Enterprises and the Entrepreneurship Support Center in partnership with the Lviv City Council within the framework of the Youth Capacity Development in Western Ukraine program implemented by ISAR Ednannia, with financial support from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) through the state development bank KfW.

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