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We are developing the possibility of offline and online training, – A. Sadovy

The mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovy, spoke about the organization of the city’s educational institutions from September 1. He emphasized that for those students who will not be able to participate in the educational process physically, the possibility of online education is being considered.

The mayor of Lviv told about this live on his Facebook page.

“The first question people ask is what will happen to the educational process in Lviv. We have decided to resume studies in our schools from September 1. This will be normal training, which we have long forgotten about due to the coronavirus and the war. It is very difficult when children learn via ZOOM. Of course, many thanks to all teachers and those who organize this process.

We prepare schools. Ukrainians who came from the east and south still live in many educational institutions – we find better conditions for them so that they can have a freer and calmer life in Lviv during this difficult period. Instead, by September 1, all schools must be ready: neat and tidy. We are preparing a shelter in every school, which will be in proper condition. If shelter cannot be prepared in a specific school, then we find shelter nearby, in those institutions and organizations that can protect children. Many thanks to everyone who helps and joins this process.

If someone, for one reason or another, cannot attend offline training, we will think about making it possible to train online. We will talk about this in more detail before the educational process itself,” emphasized Andriy Sadovy.

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