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Educators of Lviv region propose to exclude Russian authors from curricula in foreign literature

Освітяни Львівщини напрацювали зміни до Положення про ліцей та пропонують вилучити російських авторів з навчальних програм із зарубіжної літератури

On Friday, May 20, a meeting of the expert council established at the Department of Education and Science of the Lviv Regional Military Administration took place.

The council included educators, scientists of Lviv region and members of the commission on education and science of Lviv regional council Ivanna Gerus, Zvenislava Mamchur, Paraskoviya Dvoryanyn, Ivan Stetskovych.

The discussion in the expert circle continued on the issue of amending the Regulations on Lyceums, as well as on amendments to educational programs in literature, language and art.

According to the head of the deputy commission on education and science Ivanna Gerus, educators of Lviv region have developed proposals for changes to the Regulations on lyceums.

The proposal is, in particular, to change the name of the institution to “academic lyceum”. This is a high school and a child in such an institution must study in-depth specialized subjects. Most importantly, by changing the approach, an individual plan should be developed for each student. This is a new educational trajectory that changes the structure of thinking. Children are the main ones in the educational process. These changes have been approved by the expert council and will be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science to be taken into account and accepted in the future, “Ivanna Gerus explained.

The members of the expert council also decided to convene a conference of experts on changes to the curriculum in foreign literature.

According to Ivanna Gerus, the experts suggested removing works by Russian authors from the curriculum and introducing innovations before the start of the new school year. However, educators and scholars have the task of developing proposals and determining which works to teach instead of Russian literature.

As a result of the conference, concrete proposals for real changes to educational programs will be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science.

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