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Schoolchildren of Drohobychska hromada to go on spring holidays from 23 March

This year’s spring holidays in Ukraine are at the end of March.

According to the Education Department of the Drohobych City Council, schoolchildren of the community will have a week-long holiday in spring. The holidays start on 23 March and end on 31 March, the last day of the first spring month.

According to Roman Hrytsay, head of the education department, all general secondary education institutions of the Drohobych community will go on holiday this year at almost the same time.

The administration of each school can determine the date of the holidays independently, however, pupils cannot have less than 30 calendar days of rest during the academic year – this is the norm defined by paragraph 4 of Article 10 of the Law of Ukraine “On Complete General Secondary Education”.

As for preschool education institutions, they will operate as usual. We are talking about all kindergartens in the city and their regular groups. The situation with out-of-school creative institutions is similar: during December and January, gifted children of the city will be able to attend them and not take a break from their studies.

According to the education department, the end of the school year this year is scheduled for 7-8 June. It all depends on how timely teachers proofread the curriculum materials. The last bells will tentatively ring at the end of May.

It should be added that 12,127 pupils are studying in the general secondary education institutions of the Drohobych territorial hromada this academic year.

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