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In Lviv schools, practical lessons on shooting and providing first aid are increasing

From the new school year, the Lviv City Council’s Department of Education proposes to increase the number and improve lessons on national-patriotic education for high school students. According to the head of the city’s humanitarian policy department, Yevhen Boyk, Lviv schools want to expand the network of shooting ranges and equip them with appropriate equipment.

“We want all high school students to be well oriented, how to act in emergency situations and be able to use all the skills acquired during theoretical classes in practice. In particular, this program provides for an increase in practical classes,” explains Yevhen Boyko.

In addition, 10th graders will practice providing first aid.

The lessons will be taught by those teachers who have the relevant profession or work part-time, having a military or medical education and having completed the courses. By the way, during the summer additional classes on pre-medical care and military affairs will be held in schools for the teachers themselves.

The corresponding program should be supported by the deputies of the Lviv City Council at the next plenary meeting.

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