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More than a hundred kiosks have been dismantled in Lviv over the past three years

More than a hundred kiosks dismantled in Lviv over the past three years: how the city fights against illegal kiosks


From January 2020 to December 2023, 108 illegal kiosks were dismantled in Lviv. They were mostly dismantled by employees of the Administrative and Technical Department, but there are also cases when entrepreneurs removed their structures on their own after explanatory work.

At the end of 2023, a full inventory of temporary structures was carried out in the city. As a result, 1327 legal temporary structures were counted, which are included in the comprehensive scheme. For example, at the end of 2019, there were 1567 of them. The inventory also revealed 130 temporary structures to be dismantled.

“Since the beginning of 2024, 28 kiosks have already been dismantled. We are still working on another 50 objects. In particular, we regularly make decisions on dismantling by the executive committee and remove everything in stages. This applies not only to individual stalls but also to unauthorised markets. For example, the Svitlytsia market opposite Panteleimon Hospital has already been dismantled by 60%. We are also addressing the issue of chaotic trade near the new TSUM – 18 decisions of the executive committee have already been made to dismantle it,” said Lubomyr Zubach, Deputy Mayor of Lviv for Urban Development.

In addition, 180 kiosks with registered property rights were found in the city. Specialists from the city’s legal department are cancelling them in courts.

“At present, about 110 cases concerning kiosks for which ownership has been registered are already in the courts at various stages. We have transferred 11 cases to the prosecutor’s office to file lawsuits. In 97 cases, claims for termination of ownership and land vacations are almost ready. The rest of the cases are still being worked on,” said Helena Payonkevych, Director of the Legal Department of the Lviv City Council.

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