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35 traffic lights equipped with backup power supply in Lviv

Traffic lights have been equipped with backup power at 35 important intersections in Lviv. The list

New traffic light facilities in Lviv have been equipped with an autonomous power supply. As a result, as of today, traffic lights at 35 important intersections can operate in the event of a power outage. This was reported by Lvivavtodor.
“It was possible to provide traffic light control at the most critical street intersections, in particular, thanks to cooperation with concerned residents and businesses who share their generators and voltage inverters. We also purchased uninterruptible power supplies to equip traffic lights at 13 more locations. In the event of a power outage, they will be able to operate autonomously for up to 4-8 hours, depending on the capacity of the traffic light facility,” Lvivavtodor said.

The list of traffic lights in Lviv that can operate in the event of a power outage:

  • Mytna Sq;
  • Sakharova Street – Vitovskoho Street;
  • Lychakivska street – Pasichna street;
  • Bandera street – Antonovycha street;
  • Stryiska street – Franko street;
  • B. Khmelnytskoho Street – Hrinchenko Street;
  • Sakharova Street – Gorbachevskoho Street;
  • Stryiska Street – Vernadsky Street;
  • Kulparkivska Street – Sadova Street;
  • King Cross Leopolis shopping mall – Stryiska str;
  • Bandera str. to Karpinskoho str;
  • Bandera street – Konovaltsia street;
  • Stryiska street – Miklosz street (Arena Lviv)
  • Naukova street – Stryiska street;
  • Levandivska street – Syayvo street;
  • Lubinska street – Vyhovskoho street;
  • Horodotska street – Vyhovskoho street;
  • Kulparkivska street – Okruzhna street – Antonovycha street;
  • Lypynskoho Street – Promyslova Street;
  • Lypynskoho str. to Zamarstynivska str;
  • Chornovil avenue – Pid Dubom street,
  • Chornovil avenue – Kushevycha street (bicycle crossing),
  • Chornovil ave;
  • 6 Chornovola Ave. (near school No. 53);
  • Horodotska St. – Kropyvnytskoho Sq;
  • Stryiska street – Sakharova street;
  • Stryiska Street – Volodymyr Velykyi Street;
  • 173 Horodotska St. (Skrynya shopping centre);
  • Khmelnytskoho St. – Opryshkivska St;
  • Lychakivska street – M. Cheremshynya street;
  • Lychakivska Street – Muchna Street;
  • Lychakivska street – Mechnykova street.
  • Franko str. – Levytskoho str. – Knyazya Romana str;
  • Svobody avenue – Doroshenko street – Berinda street – Hnatiuk street;
  • Horodotska street – Chornovil avenue.

It should be noted that by the end of this summer, there are plans to purchase another 20 uninterruptible power supplies for additional traffic lights.

By the way, Lvavtodor operates 170 traffic lights, which is more than 2,100 traffic lights.

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